Groom Gets iPhone Cake For His Wedding Day


Bobby Casey loves his iPhone. He also loves his new wife. On the couple’s wedding day, the new Mrs. Casey presented her husband with an iPhone shaped groom’s cake as a wedding gift. The full sheet cake was decorated to look like an iPhone, complete with brightly coloured iPhone application icons in the black frosting. According to Casey, the cake took 18 hours to make and decorate. He reports that he didn’t want to eat the cake, but did so anyway, and it was “delicious.”

A groom’s cake is a traditional part of a southern US wedding, and is a gift from the bride to the groom. Unlike the wedding cake, a groom’s cake is often humourous in nature, non-traditional in flavour or shape, dark or soaked in liquor, and is decorated to reflect the groom’s personality, interests, hobbies, or personal tastes. Traditional wedding colours and bridal frou-frou are strictly avoided.

The groom’s cake may be set up at a different table than the wedding cake itself and served to the wedding guests, or may be served the evening prior to the wedding at a rehearsal dinner or a groom’s dinner. According to southern folklore, an unmarried woman who sleeps with a piece of the groom’s cake under her pillow will dream of the man she’ll marry.

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