Groomsmen Gifts – Why Personalize Them?


Everyone knows that it takes a lot of people, from start to finish, to make a wedding happen. Not only do you have the usual vendors such as photographer, baker, florist, dress maker, clergyman and so forth, but you have friends and family involved in the wedding party. The bridesmaid and groomsmen are at your side and ready to help. They graciously take time out of their own busy lives to assist you in day one – your new beginning as man and wife.

Say Thank You. In order to show gratitude to the groomsmen, a groom will typically give out groomsmen gifts that are personalized in some fashion. Personalization can be first names, full names, initials or monogram. Sometimes the wedding date or wedding year is incorporated into these customized groomsmen gifts. Please note the difference between initials and a monogram. If your name is Franklin Delano Roosevelt, your initials are FDR but your monogram is FRD. A monogram features the last name in the center. Initials go in the order of first name, middle name, last name.

Why should you bother personalizing the groomsmen gifts? Isn’t it extra trouble? Not really. An experienced engraving house ends up doing all the personalization work. You, as the groom, look like you jumped through all sorts of hoops by having your groomsman gifts personalized. But, all you really had to do was make sure that you had everyone’s name or initials spelled correctly and decide on the gift item. The engraver does all the work on your custom groomsmen gifts and you look like you did.

It’s the thought that counts. The best part about personalized groomsmen gifts is that it truly is the thought that counts. It is a great feeling to know that someone fussed over you and put extra thought into the gift that they give you. Personalization adds sentimental value to groomsmen gifts that is meaningful and special to the recipient. Everyone loves to feel important. Engraved groomsmen gifts do the trick.

Reasonably Priced. Another great aspect of customized or personalized gifts is the cost. Typically, you can give gifts to your wedding party that start at $20 and usually go up to around $50. You really don’t have to spend a fortune to give out groomsmen gifts that everyone will love and appreciate. Your groomsmen deserve to be thanked with proper gifts. Give them personalized groomsmen gifts for maximum “thank you” power. You’ll also have created a cherished keepsake that will be treasured for years.

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