Handcrafted Organizing


Random things always make me smile. I am also a chronic organizer. So, years ago, when I happened upon some adorable little notebooks made from recycled book covers, well….I just had to have one! They are the perfect, near-pocket size place to jot down anything and everything!
Being organized is so much more fun {and easy to do}…not that I need any type of encouragement, mind you… But for those of you who find it a tad difficult now and then, it is sheer pleasure to be organized when you get to put all of your tasks in a charming notebook.
Best of all, these beauties are cheap! And, if you are so inclined, you can actually make them yourselves rather easily. Round up an old book, some fancy {or not fancy} paper, cut them to the appropriate sizes and meet for tea at your local printer where they can spiral bind it for you in the blink of an eye!
You can bask in all of the glances that will be stolen whenever you pull your notebook out of your handbag. People will wonder where you came across such a keen book, whereupon you will have the sheer pleasure of telling them you made it yourself! {If you would like to purchase or browse the papier shop selling these lovelies that I am showing, you may visit: Ciaffi}

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