Helpful Tips on Creating Wedding Speeches


Giving a speech is a common fear held by many. This can be a stress-inducing event that causes your heart to race, your palms to sweat, and your voice to shake. These unpleasant reactions to stress can make giving wedding speeches appear insurmountable. The best defense to any stressful situation is to be as prepared as possible to face the obstacle. If asked to give a speech at a loved ones wedding, it is crucial to become knowledgeable about what sentiments are usually conveyed in wedding speeches, how long the speech should be and what not to say or do.

Creating Wedding Speeches
Helpful Tips on Creating Wedding Speeches

Traditionally, only three wedding speeches were given at a wedding reception. These were wedding speeches by the parents of the bride, bridegroom and the best man. Today, others in the wedding party are opting to step up to the podium and give wedding speeches such as the bride, maid of honour and parents of the groom. However, the couple can ask anyone they choose to give a speech at their wedding reception as new traditions are being included with older more established traditions.

Wedding speeches should be fairly short and last between 3 to 5 minutes long. Non-traditional speeches do not have established expectations like those given by the parents of the bride, bridegroom and best man. If you are not one of these individuals, but you have been asked to give a speech, this allows for more creativity since there is no prescribed format. Although this allows for more artistic expression, it may be stressful if you are unsure of what to say and what is appropriate.

When composing wedding speeches certain elements should be included. First, it is important to convey your appreciation. You could simply express your gratitude for being included in the wedding party, being asked to give a speech or simply being invited to be a part of the couples special day.

Next, your attention should be focused on the newlyweds. You could speak of fond memories or special times that were shared with the bride or groom. This is the part of your speech where you can be humorous or sentimental depending on your style and personality. It is important to remember if you decide to share a fond memory or funny escapade that you do not unwittingly embarrass or humiliate the bride or groom. Wedding speeches should only include jokes and sentiments that are appropriate for various age groups from small children to grandparents and older relatives of the bride and groom.

Most wedding speeches include compliments directed toward the newlyweds and the overall success of the wedding. Take time to state how beautiful the bride looks or how stunning the groom looks in his tuxedo. Compliment those who helped to make the wedding a day to remember such as the couples parents and those in the wedding party.

Your speech can culminate with words of wisdom regarding building a lasting and loving relationship, a meaningful quote or fitting poem. Wedding speeches usually end with a toast being offered to the couples health and happiness and a short toast to the next speaker.

This is a basic outline of what is customary in wedding speeches. However, if you are not one of the traditional speakers such as the parents of the bride, bridegroom or best man there is no prescribed format on what is expected in your speech. This will allow for more creative expression as you add your own special touch to make your speech unique and personal. In order to craft a well-presented heartfelt speech, it is also important to know what is customarily said in wedding speeches so yours will compliment the others. Another important tip is to practice your speech before the big day to help relieve pre-wedding speeches gitters!

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