Holiday Season Brings An Uptick In The Number of Marriage Proposals


Nearly twenty percent of marriage proposals are issued in December and coincide with the year-end holidays, when couples can make engagement announcements to family and friends. With the global economic slowdown, budget-conscious couples are looking for alternatives to more expensive engagement and wedding jewellery.

Titanium and tungsten are proving to be popular alternatives, since they are less expensive and more durable than gold. Tungsten does not rust, corrode or tarnish, is lightweight and highly scratch-resistant. It’s also extremely hard, giving it an exceptionally long life.

The price of diamonds has also risen considerably, and couples are looking for diamond alternatives. Cubic zirconia rings are much less expensive than genuine diamonds, and high quality stones often look like the real thing. While not as hard as diamonds, cubic zirconia come in the same cuts and colour ranges as natural diamonds do, and look lovely in both traditional and contemporary settings. Using cubic zirconia, couples can either reduce the cost of the wedding set, or can get a much larger stone for the money.

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