Home Made Wedding Centerpieces For The Reception


Some of the few moments of your life that you cherish forever are of your wedding day. No one really wants to take any chance to spoil the glamour and the glitter of that special occasion even spending a bit more than one’s capacity. However if you feel that a few extra dollars would make the occasion grant you are either not experienced on this account or greatly mislead by somebody. The elegance and the attraction of the occasion to a great extend depends on your imagination and involvement.

No one ever wants any part of their wedding decoration look awkward or grim, not to speak about the centerpiece, considered as the center of attraction of the guests that assembles on the reception hall. Those lucky few that can afford the service of a professional marriage decorator or an interior decorator or a florist, can leave the idea to them and relax back. However for the majority of us the wedding centerpiece idea for that special day is a bit challenging. A few practical ideas that combined with your creative imagination can make the centerpiece marvelous and the center of attraction.

Do you remember the comments of the guests in a recently attended wedding ceremony about the centerpiece as awful or how poorly they have done the centerpiece? It is really demoralizing and shameful to get such a compliment from your guests for the hard labor and money that you spend on the centerpiece? What is the way out? It is simple! Mostly such comments are invited by eleventh hour planning. If you do anything as a ritual what more can you expect from those detective eyes? The centerpiece of any wedding is as unique and as innovative as the person behind the scene. You have to spend sometime for planning the centerpiece. It depends on your creative mind, the individuality and the ability to see through others’ eyes! Sounds difficult? Not at all! Follow a few practical tips given below.

Make the centerpiece unique!

Everyone takes a second look at something that is new and unique! There is a rare chance to compare and contrast! The items may be the same but the idea may be unique. Decorating the centerpiece is an art .why don’t you try to make it unique? Keeping a few masons jar of different sizes and wrapped in colorful tissue papers and arranged in seasonal flowers that goes well with ambience of the hall make a marvelous centerpiece. Instead of the jar you may also try vases made of glass or well crafted vases. Keeping a big golden colored bowl filled with pebbles and a bunch of flowers would make a real difference. Remember to make the centerpiece match well with the color theme of the decoration. Arranging unique and rare pieces as the centerpieces raise curiosity among the guests. Antique pieces, carved wooden models, glass or brass vases with silver sand or unique rock pieces even fruits and vegetables well arranged make good centerpieces. There is no end for the imagination of a creative mind. Always remember to arrange the centerpiece a few days ahead and seek the opinion of a few aesthetic minds around you. Remember they are the people that are going to judge the piece however hard and creatively you arrange the same.

A good centerpiece is the center of attraction and a thing to be commented upon. Let that be an appreciation of your creativity and imagination. After all who would not like to be praised?

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