Honeymoon Game


Lingerie bridal showers (or lingerie given at the traditional bachelorette party) aren’t for everyone. Make sure you ask the bride before throwing one. Also, some brides may find the oober-sexy lingerie insulting. Find out what sort of lingerie she’d like and be sure to inform all the ladies going, along with her panty and bra size.

A fun way to present the lingerie gifts to the bride-to-be, is to have each girl name the lingerie they’re giving to her. Have the MOH or someone else be sure they are all labeled. After the bride has opened them all and her blushing or “oohs” and “ahhs” are over, collect all the lingerie and package it up cutely with the name on the package.

“Why?” you might be wondering. Well on the honeymoon the groom gets to pick out (without peeking in the package) what he wants her to wear for the evening. It makes it both seductive and playful, while keeping him in anticipation.

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