Honeymoon Worksheet


Each of you separately should place a check mark next to the items or images on the wish list that appeal to you. After you have finished, highlight those items that both of you feel are important (the items that were checked by both of you).

Next, each of you should highlight, in a different colored marker or pen, 2-3 items in each category that you feel are very important to you individually (even though the other person may not have checked it.)

Your wish lists, after completing this exercise, will probably look like a list of all of the positive elements of all of your dream vacations combined. This is good you should list as many things as you can think of. The more information you have, the better the suggestions your travel agent (or yourself if you’ll be doing your own research) will be able to make.

Together, using this wish list, you will discover a honeymoon destination and match a honeymoon style that will fulfill your dreams.

The resource leads and exercises provided here will help you get from wish list to reality. Happy planning!

hot weather
mild weather
cold weather
dry climate
moist climate
sand and beaches
wilderness/wooded areas
city streets
small local town
large metropolitan area
popular tourist destination
visiting among the locals
nighttime weather conducive to outdoor activities
nighttime weather conducive to indoor activities
“modern” resources and service available
“roughing it” on your own
culture and customs you are familiar and comfortable with
new cultures and customs you would like to get to know
part of a larger resort community
a stand alone building
lodging amongst other fellow tourists
lodging amongst couples only
lodging amongst fellow newlyweds only
lodging amongst locals
large room or suite
plush, highly decorated surroundings
modestly sized room
modest decor
private Jacuzzi in room
room service
chamber maid service
laundry / dry cleaning service available
laundry room available
beauty salon on premises
workout gym on premises
gift shop on premises
pool on premises
poolside bar service
sauna, hot tub on premises
common gathering lounge for guests
casual dining
formal dining
prepared by executive chefs
prepared by yourself/grocery store
variety of local and regional restaurants
traditional “American” cuisine
opportunity for picnics
exotic, international menu
entertainment while dining
planned meal times
dining based on your own schedule
fast food restaurants
vegetarian meals, special diet meals
delis, diners
sun bathing
jet skiing
water skiing
snow skiing
snow boarding
hiking, rock climbing
site-seeing suggestions and guidance
planned bus/guided tours
ability to go off on your own
historic tours
art museums
exploring family heritage
quiet strolls
outdoor activities
sitting and relaxing outdoors
sitting and relaxing in front of a fireplace
being alone with each other
being out with the locals
being out with other newlyweds
discovering new cultures and forms of entertainment
visiting bars/pubs
theater / shows
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