How to Get Free Wedding Cake Catalogs


When it comes to picking out your wedding cake, it’s best to look at as many pictures of other weddings cakes to get the best idea of what you want, what can be done, and so forth. And the best way to look at different wedding cakes is to get a free wedding cake catalog. Read on to find out how to get yours.


  1. Check out This website has a downloadable free wedding cake catalog as well as other great information concerning wedding cakes. It’s really a great resource.
  2. Pick up the latest issue of Modern Bride. Many different bridal magazines have ads and pictures of wedding cakes.
  3. Free wedding cake catalogs are available online. Visit It has so many wedding cake pictures and they are divided into categories so if you already have a themed or color scheme picked out, you can easily find the perfect wedding cake for you.
  4. This site has over 400 pictures of awesome wedding cakes.
  5. Can’t find the perfect cake of your dreams? Or you found one but the creator lives halfway across the States? No problem. Go to your local bridal show. Taste the different cake samples. Find the baker that you loved the cake, even if you don’t care for the cake they displayed. Make an appointment with them and show them the cake you love. Most likely, they will be able to duplicate it. Or, if you never found the perfect one, tell them your theme. They know cakes better than you (that’s why they are in the business) they may be able to come up with an idea that you and your future spouse will both enjoy.
  6. My husband and I had a Renaissance themed wedding so I wanted a castle shaped wedding cake. I went to the Village Bake Shoppe and asked if they had ever done one before. They hadn’t but were confident that they could make one. The sketch he drew was beautiful, with a vine draped across the castle and flowers and towers on top. The cake was beautiful and delicious, just like yours will be! Good luck finding your perfect wedding cake!
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