How To Handle Single Wedding Guests


One common issue that brides confront is the wedding invitation for a single guest. The rules of etiquette don’t dictate that single guests must be afforded the opportunity to bring a friend, wedding invitations addressed to single guests inspire their share of rue.

In the name of cost-cutting, many brides look at the single guest as a “bargain” to invite, however, the rules of etiquette may not have caught up with the reality that most singles have a significant other, or would like the opportunity to invite a guest.

If your single invitee lives with another person and is in a committed relationship, the invitation should be issued to both parties. If your single guest is in a committed relationship, but doesn’t share an address with his or her significant other, an invitation should be issued to each member of the couple individually – no “& Guest” needed.

If neither of the circumstances applies, but the single invitee is a family member or close friend of either the bride or groom, a “guest” invitation should be issued if at all possible.

If your wedding includes a number of singles and you do not plan to issue “guest” invitations to them, your seating plan should include a mix of guests with which your single friends will be comfortable.

Finally, don’t try to play “matchmaker” for your single guests. It rarely works and you may be the one to pick up the pieces of a spectacular failure down the road.

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