Jessica’s Inspiration Book


WARNING! This post contains such amazing photographs that you may find yourself glued to your computer for DAYS….that is…if you are into vintage anything at all…
I visited with Jessica again and asked if she’d share her inspiration board with our readers {and me…mostly me!} I must tell you that I expected something fantastic, but what I did not expect was this…24 glorious pictures of beautiful things! I do hope I get an invitation to this lovely affair {are you reading, Jessica} because if these pictures are her inspiration, it is bound to be no less than breathtaking!

Says Jessica:
“I went to London and Ireland in March, and my goal was to get a lot of the things over there. I wanted to try and find old ties at antique stores or markets. I did not have very much luck with the ties, so we ended up finding them in little shops. Every time we went shopping my eyes were peeled for the perfect ties. We found a few in London, and I could not find any more that matched until the last day in Ireland. We found a fancy suit shop that was going out of business and they were an incredible deal for really fancy ties. The were regular about 50 pounds per tie and we got 3 for that price!”

“I was also on a hunt for antique brooches and old earrings. We found a couple in some different antique stores and I started talking to a guy in one of the stores and told him what I was looking for and he told us to go to Spitafields market on Thursdays. We were lucky we were still in London, Thursday was all antique stuff. I found a booth that had thousands of brooches, we bought about 30 different brooches, everyone kept asking what I would do with that many brooches. They looked at me weird when I told them I was making my wedding bouquet with them.

Everything for the wedding is being hand picked or hand made. I love creating things and I love finding just the right thing. I have been hunting for just the right vases and fabrics. Each item at my wedding will have some sort of meaning. I am using a lot of vintage table cloths that my great grandmas made, I am pretty excited to see how it will all come together.”

“I want my wedding to have a Vintage/Anthropologie feel to it. I love all things old and I am in love with Anthropologie. My colors are plum, mustard, slate and ivory. The flowers won’t have all of the colors in them, the flowers will match the theme of the wedding. They will be very earthy, not too organized. The bridesmaids will wear a plum skirt with a ivory top with lacey accessories. The groomsmen have varied ties in mustard and slate.”
All I can say, is that I am in love with all things “Jessica’s Wedding” and want my wedding to look just like yours…!

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