Ladybug Wedding Favors


People are now starting to look for new and more fun wedding favors! People are getting sick of doing the same old thing time and time again. This is where ladybug wedding favors come in. these are a cute way to say thanks for coming to my wedding, and at the same time, make it fun and festive. Another great thing about using ladybug wedding favors is the fact that they go with just about any style wedding. No matter what kind of theme you have going on, you can work in the ladybugs. However, there are a few different theme weddings that the ladybugs work better for. We are going to talk about those themes, as well as some great ladybug wedding favors right now!

Ladybug Wedding Favors

First, you have to face the facts. Ladybugs are cute no matter who you are. Now, the first thing that we are going to cover is what kind of wedding themes the ladybugs works best for. Most outdoor weddings are perfect for ladybug wedding favors. However, if you are by the sea shore, then there are other things that may go better. However, a spring wedding in a garden or a park is going to be a perfect place to show off your ladybug wedding favors. You can use them inside as well, but be sure to bring in some other kind of outdoor things. Do not just have ladybugs be your only thing that is related to the outdoors, because then it is not going to look like it goes together. Try and bring in some colorful flowers and some other things of that nature.

Now when looking for ladybug wedding favors, you can either make your own or buy some online. If you are going to buy them online, then you are going to have to pay a little extra for shipping. However, there are a ton of different ladybug wedding favors to choose from. If you are trying to have a wedding on a budget, then you may want to think about making them yourself. This is very easy to do. Some of the best wedding favors are the ones that you can eat and you can pair that idea with the ladybug idea. All you will need is some chocolate drops (they do not have to be too; big just make sure they are kind of dome shaped on the top and flat on the bottom so they do not roll away). Then you can take some food coloring, and add it to the chocolate to give it color. They even make different kinds of “food” paint that you can use on food, and it’s safe to eat. This is not really paint, but a type of food coloring! Then you can get something like some mint leaves and place the little home made ladybugs on. Everyone knows mint and chocolate goes great together!

All in all, ladybug wedding favors are perfect for all kinds of weddings. It’s also a great way to do something a little bit different than what other people do for their weddings. These little types bugs are sure to bring joy to the guests at your wedding.

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