L’Amore: Paris Wedding


Paris, France has been a the “City Of Love” for decades, if not centuries. Paris is love, elegance, romance and high fashion. Kind of sounds like a wedding doesn’t it! A Paris theme for a wedding is not a new idea by any means – the Eiffel Tower wedding cake shown above was the wedding cake that Blair Underwood and his wife had the Cake Studio design for their wedding nearly 12 years ago! Yes, it has been around for a while – but Paris theme weddings are just getting better and better. The main key to pulling off a Paris theme is LUXE – sparkle, elegance and high fashion are a must. Think romance: rose petals. hearts, chocolate, candle light, silk, diamonds, etc.

Paris Wedding Theme
Photo: Pinterest

The Eiffel Tower is one of the most recognizable symbols of Paris – and understandably, one of the most common accent pieces for a Paris Theme. For those brides who don’t feel that a whole cake tower is there style, there are many companies that now make Eiffel Tower cake toppers and accent pieces as well. Eiffel Tower Wedding Favors are also very popular – from mint tins with Eiffel Tower labels to Eiffel Tower shaped chocolate lollipops.

Paris is also known for elegant food and drink. From delicate pastries to the best wines and designer cheeses, a Paris Wedding Reception should be a treat for your taste buds. For real treat, hire a caterer that specializes in French cuisine – and make sure your menus are in French (with English translations underneath) for a more authentic feel.

There are many ways to pull of a Paris Wedding and no matter what your style is: from the quaint cafe to the full blown castle reception, the key is ROMANCE, ROMANCE, ROMANCE!

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