Last Minute Wedding Gift Ideas


We know the situation. Your best friend’s wedding is in one week and you still haven’t purchased awedding gift. This doesn’t mean that you’re a bad friend! Relax. Sometimes coming up with last minute wedding gift ideas can be a very difficult task. Especially if your friend has everything imaginable! Let’s start from the beginning: do the bride and groom have a bridal gift registry at a local department store? If they do, this will provide the perfect opportunity to get them exactly what they want. Everything is updated on the wedding gift registry as items are purchased. There’s no fear of duplicating gifts!

While wedding gift shopping can seem like an impossible task, make the best of it. Imagine the new couple’s furnishings. Would do they need. What would they like added to their décor? If you’re really stumped, you can always make phone calls to the parents of the bride / groom or the bridal party. They may have overheard the bride and groom discussing something that they wish they could purchase, but couldn’t afford. If that item is in your budget, it may be the perfect last minute wedding gift!

Never feel ashamed to ask people what they need or want. After all, this is the start of a new couple’s live together. That’s the keyword: together. There are certain items that they will need that they may not have needed in the past. For instance, a new set of china or a beautiful silverware set. Not many young couples receive these gifts anymore. It’s a traditional wedding gift idea that never loses its effectiveness. People (of all ages) will always entertain guests at some point. What better way to impress them then by dining them with fine china?

Your last minute wedding gift idea should not looked like a rushed wedding gift idea. It’s important to pick a tasteful gift. This wedding gift should at least look like something you’ve put a lot of thought into. Regardless if you did or did not. Have the item wrapped beautifully in pretty paper with ribbon and/or bows. Presentation means everything. Even if the wedding gift is a small token of congratulations, love and care should go into the packaging.

If you’re still stumped for last minute wedding gift idea within the next few days, you should start thinking about the gifts you received at your own wedding. Not married? What about gifts you gave at other weddings. How were these wedding gifts received? Were they useful? Did you or your recipient enjoy them? You may hold the solution to your own wedding gift difficulty.

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