Love Wedding Favors


Getting locked in the nexus of love and starting a new life together has been a philosophy and an established custom. However, one thing is very clear that the wedding has always been an occasion full of life and love. Giving love wedding favors to the beloved guests is another recent concept that has been added to the lively occasion of wedding. Although the idea is not very old, yet the practice of giving the love wedding favors is gaining higher and higher degree of popularity – especially when it is concerned with the themed wedding celebration.

The kind of lovable favors depend primarily on the wedding theme and then the wedding budget and ultimately the choices and tastes of the couples. Starting from the full-bloomed English red roses to precious wedding reception centerpieces of silver and gold, the couples are free to choose the love wedding favors out from the wide varieties.

Love Wedding Favors

Since the heart has always been universally recognized as an emblem of love, the favors included in the heart shaped categories may be considered as the love wedding favors. From the heart shaped cookies to the bookmarks and the little cute personalized timepieces you can have a wide assortment of personalize favors that can put little curves on the faces of your beloved guests.

Again, the love wedding favors like chrome heart shaped votive candleholders may prove to be the most sophisticated favor ideas that can amaze your guests to a great extent. With a cost range,as nominal as, $3 to $ 4, this inspirational and affordable favor will turn out to be the everlasting keepsake for the guests.

The adorable love glass wedding coaster is one the most popular categories of keepsakes during this modern era. These love wedding favors are usually sold in a set of four and can also be found with matching personalized tags.

The love wine charms are the most aesthetic, elegant and lovable momentos to give to your guests on the very special day and send the message you want.

If you are not on a tight budget you can also opt for the heart shaped silver place card holders. This is perhaps the most gorgeous gesture to show your special guests where to be seated. These love-wedding favors not only turn out to be awesome gifts but also symbolize the purity of love.

Thus you can have a wide variety of love wedding favors that can be used as the simple token of ever flowing love. The couples can wow their special guests with such unique favors to convey the message of their unique nexus of togetherness and express the heartfelt gratitude to the guests for their presence in the special occasion.

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