Low Cost Weddings


For brides planning a wedding today, cost is a growing concern. Brides from all over the world have stepped up to the challenge and are trying to plan the most cost-effective weddings possible.

Employing tactics like buying their dresses on eBay, using do-it-yourself invitation kits, visiting the local supermarket just before the wedding to pick up bouquets of roses, putting together their own favours, choosing unusual locations at off-hours and using restaurants for wedding receptions instead of banquet halls, these brides are bucking the trend toward the expensive and putting together budget-but-beautiful weddings for as many as 100 guests.

The budget wedding is indeed possible, and many budget-conscious brides are learning that ordinary is the new extravagant. By spending less on the wedding and reception, couples are starting married life with little or no leftover wedding debts. Budget brides agree across the board that this is the way to go.

The biggest savings always come from reducing food costs. By having your reception at a restaurant, you can avoid additional charges for table linens, alcohol and servers. If you work with the restaurateur ahead of time, you can also craft a menu that the restaurant can cope with that also matches your budget. Off-hours are great for restaurant receptions, too. Avoid the typical dinner rush by having a wedding luncheon instead. You can still dine and dance with your guests, and the restaurant has full tables for the afternoon – a rarity.

If budget is your overriding concern, you’ll have to be willing to sacrifice (or at least compromise on) your “dream wedding.” Some brides actually approach their wedding with no preconceived notions about how their weddings will look, making budget celebrations a snap.

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