Lua Party Favors When The Tropics Beckons


The luau party is one of the most favorite party themes in summer because people indeed feel great about Hawaii and anything that has to do with this magical tropical island. The luau party supplies as well as the party settings can be arranged in less than one day for which this theme is a great favorite for the hosts as well.

Lua Party Favors
Lua Party Favors When The Tropics Beckons

Organizing A Great Luau Party

The basic thing to do is to create as a close an ambiance to Hawaii as possible right in your backyard. This is not actually as difficult as it might seem. You need the following luau party supplies:

  1. Palm trees – you get plenty of these in the local malls. If not you could create your own with crepe paper for leaves and cardboard for the trunk of the tree. These are easy to do and quite effortless – get a crafts book or check on the Internet if you cannot do it on your own. Decorate your palm trees with lights (the smallest of them) so it would look like fireflies.
  2. Grass huts – the tables of the party could be placed under umbrellas of grass that could imitate the beautiful grass huts of Hawaii. Use plain straw for this purpose which would look simply great and relaxing both in the day time as well as at night.
  3. Fish nets and sea shells – have a few fishing nets on the walls of your compound and have stuck in them a few fish (not real – make them out of cardboard or buy soft toys type of fish) in it for a great visual. Add a few sea shells for enhancing the effect.
  4. The luau party supplies – prepare your luau party favors with great care. These could be figurines out of coconut – such as cups, bowls, necklaces and bracelets (made of coconut shell), grass skirts, coconut bras, lei garlands made of silk flowers, and so on. Your luau party favors should be anything that would bring the Hawaii wedding theme vividly to the mind of the recipient. You could even gift special Hawaii drinks bottled specially in miniature bottles.
  5. Do not forget the sand – no luau party supplies would be complete without sand. So, try to get a strip of sand set in your backyard complete with beach chairs and sarongs. This arrangement works wonderful for Luau or beach wedding parties. It would definitely help to have a pool as well; but if you do not you could cover its absence by providing the most mouth-watering Hawaiian food – such as spicy pork, freshly steamed vegetables, crab salad, a lot of tropical fruits (papaya, pineapple, melons), Hawaiian sweet bread, barbeque chicken, mushroom and vegetables, etc.
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