Lucky and Lovely in Love


You have probably seen a few of these photos making their way around Facebook! Alisha, of Oakstream Photography, was kind enough to open her portfolio for us and let us pick some of our favorites to share with our Bliss brides and the rest of us….{lovers of all things beautiful}!
I love seeing people in love. I love candid shots of people in love. That’s when you can really see that they are in love.

Can you believe how many {beautiful things} there are to look at in this photo?! I think the doors are an amazing backdrop to this beauty of a bride. The rich browns of the door contrasting sharply with her gown and at the same time bring out the beautiful colors in her hair…the circular mirrors that so effortlessly lead our eyes to her face. Well done, Alisha!
Another amazing backdrop! It’s art, really. The silvery ironwork creates the most delicate and feminine frame for the classic beauty of this bride and her gorgeous gown. The stonework on both lower corners help ease your eye upward for one last glance…
A classic pose with so many fantastic personality touches! The ever handsome groom holding the bouquet and the popping red parasol…and the bunny sneaking in for the last shot…such witty touches!
What a great looking couple, captured by a great phenomenal photographer. Make sure to check out Oakstream Photography and wander through her galleries of {amazing} photos!

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