Marriage Of Two Different Religions


It’s actually very common to be a couple with a background set on a different belief system. Despite this, it’s important to remember that marriage is a belief that you both share in common. You both hold it sacred. You respect one another or you wouldn’t have made it this far. That’s the most important thing for couples who believe in two different religions.

A marriage of two different religions can sometimes get quite complex. Parents may get very involved, pitching ideas and thoughts that may not coincide with your own. Just because you were raised to practice a certain religion, parents assume that you’ll never stray from that religion. It’s quite common that families do not realize that you’re non-practicing until a wedding or religious ceremony of some sort comes along. And this, unfortunately, is when disagreements happen.

If you are practicing a religion and your fiance is practicing a different religion, that’s okay too! Perhaps you can come to an agreement and have a representative of both religions present to share the wedding ceremony. For instance, if your fiance is Jewish and you are Catholic, why not have a priest and Rabbi perform the ceremony in a non-religious building? Both families will be pleased that your faith is accepted, embraced, and understood by the in-laws. In addition, both you and your spouse will appreciate and respect each other for the decision too.

A marriage of two different religions can also be performed by a wedding officiant. This is a person who conducts non-denominational weddings. However, you should select this person carefully. It’s all too often that a wedding officiant is selected without any background information. The last thing you want is to choose a wedding officiant that rambles, speaks unclear, mispronounces your names, and bores you and your family to death. As you can see, several meeting should take place with different officiants before deciding who should conduct your wedding ceremony.

When people of two different religions marry, they face many challenges. This does not mean that they can not overcome those challenges, but that they should expect them and deal with them carefully. Family is usually the biggest challenge. You love your families. They’ve supported you through everything, now it’s time that they support your marriage. Once they open their eyes, ears, and hearts, a marriage of two different religions will be accepted and embraced.

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