Marvelous Cake Toppers


I was taking a leisurely stroll around Esty tonight and found the most awesome {for sheer lack of a better word} cake topper shop!

Cake toppers are all this little artist does. She does dogs, owls, birds, people and skulls! Ahh! No kidding! I’m not exactly the skull-fan type, but these little numbers had me thinking that I might stand a slight chance of possibly being swayed…maybe. There has never been a “maybe” before!

If you need something quirky; that would let the world know you know you are cool, and would be talked about for decades to come….please mosey on over to “sweetiecaketopper” on Etsy!

This is the back of those dear little heads.

Really? “Sweetiecaketopper designs and decorates {such an understatement} little skulls-in-love for your wedding cake…not a bit of that makes sense! But she is so talented!! And there is very nearly something for everyone in her shop…

A little Mardi-gras…in case you are throwing strands of beads at your wedding.. 😉
See…something for everyone….
This is the little couple that initially caught my eye. Can you blame me for not pouncing in for a closer look?! Ha! I love them!

To put panic on the face of your mothers. I would do it. And I’d enjoy it! Think of how clever it would be to have the most beautifully designed wedding and the most elegant and luxurious cake….and then to place these two characters right on top {center stage}….oh, could you just imagine! I can. It’s a fabulous surprise. I would hide a camera in the cake just to watch the reactions of my guests. Look, he even has hearts in his eyes!

“Sweetiecaketopper” actually has even better ones in her shop…if anyone is clever enough {and getting married} to try this, will you please invite me to your gala!? I would so love to meet a couple as clever as yourselves.

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