Memorable Wedding Decorations And Ideas


They say Marriages are made in heaven, though they are materialized on this very earth. Wedding is perhaps the most important and memorable occasion in the life of a person in whatever manner the same is conducted. The onus of making the occasion the most memorable in the minds of the couple and the guests lies with the hosts. Wedding decoration assumes importance in this back drop.

Memorable Wedding Decorations
Memorable Wedding Decorations

There cannot be any bride who does not want to make her wedding decoration the best, unique and to her taste. Wedding decorations though have become a professional activity still leaves ample scope for the host to manage all by themselves .The wedding decoration to be unique, less expensive and a memorable one requires a little imagination and lot of planning. The creative mind should think a little out of the box and go beyond the ordinary wedding flowers and balloons. Let us see some of the practical tips to make the decoration unique and attractive.

Planning for a wedding decoration

Wedding decorations are not to be arranged and done at the spur of the moment. Planning the event a few days ahead can make the occasion a memorable and exquisite one. The first and the foremost thing in the planning of the wedding decoration are to know the taste and preference of the bride and the groom for they are the stars of the day. A detailed discussion with them is the first step towards a successful wedding decoration. Next is the venue of the event. These are the days when marriages are performed in boats and helicopters in places like Las Vegas and other marriage locations. Even if it is on a familiar location or church the decoration planning has necessarily has to take into account the ambience of the place. It needs to be simple and elegant and not too mellow or gaudy either. Besides the family customs, the time of the year, number of expected guests, the space available and finally the budget available all has a say in the decoration and need to be discussed with either a professional decorator, or an experienced hand in advance, the services of a florists and interior decorator would definitely add flavor to the arrangement provided your budget allow all these. Simple ideas and committed friends and relatives also can fill such gaps in budget decorations.

Innovation in your decorations!

Following the beaten path only makes one ordinary; the same is applicable for any creative activity. If you need to make your decoration distinct to ornament the place with unique and different items, the choice naturally does not end at the wedding supply stores. This has not only the unique advantage of innovative ideas getting a spark but may also save money as we all know the items in the wedding supply place is artificially escalated. One may also go for the seasonal supplies available cheap after the seasons or festivals. To cite an example the red hearts are cheap after a valentines day and the lights after a Christmas. It would be a nice choice to go for Special decorative candles immediately after the Christmas. Not only the idea would find appreciation but that may save a few dollars in your pocket.

Wedding decorations need not be expensive but requires good planning, alignment of ideas and execution and a lot of imagination to make it linger in the memory of the couples and the guests in the years to come.

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