Modern Wedding Invitation And Cards


With the tolling of the bell and creeping in of the new century, the world has changed its shades to get tuned to the modern tone and adorned with some modern themes. So has changed the life style and the way of doing things. Invitations are a modern art that have got some new colors and has developed certain very unique themes with the change of days. Some creative group of people has come up with some decent ideas about modern wedding invitations that have earned a wide range of acceptance and admirations all over the world. Card makers have introduced a huge assortment of elegantly designed wedding cards that are used for inviting your special guests.

The modern age is the era of fashion where everything is done in a very fashionable way. The all you need to have is a creative mind and a certain degree of innovativeness. With a great variety of options one can even get a chance to customize the invitation, adding spice to it. Modern wedding invitations are quite inexpensive and highly sophisticated and artistic as well. No can afford to compromise with the quality no-a-days and hence a modern wedding invitation is very much different from the traditional way of inviting special guests on the special occasion like the celebration of wedding ceremony. During these days, the wedding invitations are printed on the high quality board on 335 GSM at almost a very nominal cost on the standard card size of 105mm X 148mm – A6 specification or on the deluxe card size of 127mm X 178mm.

Invitation Cards Types

However the fashionable couples prefer unique invitations that involve some degree of style and sophistic handicraft in the mode of invitation. The very transcendental concept of handicraft can make the idea of invitation very unique and an idea to be treasured. The sleek folder wedding invitation card with rich chocolate brown color is really an idea worth mentioning – especially when the text is printed in some royal fonts on the Italian paper with the ivory hues.

The wedding invitation cards made up of premium quality Italian board papers will have a significant impact on the mode and theme of invitation. The folder wedding invitation cards with matte finish or hammered texture, printed in chocolate backing with the unique font of Chancery – Roman Style Thin Grace on the Italian premium quality paper with some bisque or peach puff hues may be another wondrous idea, which is worth treasuring. Modern wedding invitations can also be matched with the nature by the invitation cards crafted out of the palm leaves or bamboo chips, which is one of the most rare concept but yet possible. The most significant portion that almost all of us fail to consider seriously is the selection of the card color and choice of font. With the maintenance of utmost elegance in the overall subject, one can bring out an elegant card with an awe-inspiring design that will be capable give a perfect touch to the invitation theme.

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