Money Saving Wedding Planning Ideas


Wedding is really a matter that demands a lot of money and sometimes turns out to be an issue of weariness to the couples and their family members. Wedding involves a sequence of money consuming steps and is not a single event. If you carry out proper planning for every single step you can save a lot of money out of the whole thing. Budget is the most significant thing that must be kept in the fore front of your mind.

Wedding planner – money saving tips

Start to plan your wedding with a notebook and your family members. It is a good idea to use the web as the source of information. You will come across many a series of free services provided by the rental hall. A wedding planning directory would help you a lot by getting quotes on fees and rentals and terms and conditions. Market research is hereby essentially necessary.

Music Planning – Save Money On DJs

Music is the detachable part of any celebration and wedding is of no exception. The DJs generally charges a heavy amount for their services—especially if the occasion is something like the celebration wedding. Arrange for some friends with a good sense of music, and put the responsibility of playing the wedding music CD on the boom box.

Save On Caterer, Decorator And Food

If you can make a good research work you can find some genuine caterers who prove to be good decorator as well with a negligible or no extra cost. So you can save a lot hereby. If you have got some able friends then it will be awesome. Have those friends purchase food items for your guests and let them make the food instead of lending the responsibility on the caterer. You can even omit the caterer or decorator and if your family members and friends wish to take all the responsibilities. By this you will be able to save much more.

Selecting A Day

Generally on Saturdays the caterers and the other service providers tend to charge quite higher as compared to the other days. Try to avoid the Saturdays, the holidays, the peak prom and the special wedding seasons. This would save you a lot of money.

Advance booking

Advance booking is always recommended, as at the last hours the booking rate generally tends to shoot up to a miraculous level. Hence start your wedding planning keeping at least three months in hand.

Other related parts of the story

Invitation and wedding attires, wedding favors etc are all unavoidable sections but if planned and given serious thoughts a huge amount of money can be saved there from. Use the Internet or computer generated invitation for invitations. Do not go for the high attire with royal splendor. Remember that you can find good quality products at a cheaper cost. All you need is to carry our a serious market research program from at least three to four month prior to the wedding.

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