Mothers Establish A Cookie Tradition For Weddings


A group of thirteen mothers has established a tradition of baking cookies for their children’s weddings, and the approach has added a touch of laughter and friendship to each wedding event.

For a typical family wedding, the group bakes between 800 and 1,000 cookies, which are arranged on a table at the wedding reception. The mothers group met nearly twenty years ago when their children were in high school in Grand Rapids, Michigan in the US.

The tradition of the cookie table was established twelve years ago, when the prospective son-in-law of one of the mothers asked if his own mother and friends could bring home baked cookies to the couple’s wedding. The cookies were such a hit that the group decided to carry on the tradition at subsequent weddings.

The group uses family recipes, along with a few experiments and trials, along with the bride and grooms favourite cookies to assemble an eye-popping assortment of cookies. The women make enough cookies to cover three times the guest count, and come wedding time, the group goes to work.

The designated “mother-in-charge” is the mother of the bride or bridegroom at the most recent wedding. She is responsible for dividing the work and making dinner for the other women during a baking session, which also includes decorating the cookies. The women have also learned about the logistics of transporting cookies from the baking site to the wedding site, including how to negotiate airports with the goodies in tow. As part of the gift, the women also provide goodie bags for the guests to fill with cookies at the end of the reception.

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