Nuernberg Bridal Cup Legend


Bridal cups started in Nuernberg, Germany. It took place during the times of pre arranged marriages. It came to be due to an angry wealthy nobleman’s challenge to a young and poor goldsmith. The nobleman’s daughter wanted to marry the goldsmith irregardless of how poor he was, and she refused to even meet with other suitors. The nobleman eventually decided to imprison the goldsmith, hoping that it would stop him from being so eager to marry his daughter. Unfortunately, this did not work in getting rid of the goldsmith’s love- or his daughter’s love. Finally, the nobleman told his daughter that if the goldsmith who she so longed for “could make a chalice from which two people can drink at the same time without spilling one single drop, I will free him and you shall become his bride.” The nobleman did not believe that anyone would be able to do such a thing. However, the talented goldsmith created a masterpiece. He sculpted a girl with girl and her skirt served as a cup, while her arms held a bucket that allowed a second drinker to drink from it.

Today, the bridal cup is there for couples to drink from it. The bride and the groom are both able to toast at their wedding and try to drink out of the opposite ends of the bridal cup. It is used as a symbol that is supposed to bring them many years of good luck and fortune with their marriage. Of course, this good luck would only occur if they both drank out of the opposite ends of the bridal cup without spilling a single drop. Every year on the couples’ anniversaries, they were to drink from the bridal cup in order to keep luck and good fortune with their marriage. Unfortunately, drinking from the bridal cup is just as difficult as it probably sounds- and years ago, if you did not receive any luck during a particular year, you would blame on it on not being able to drink from the bridal cup.

Drinking from this bridal cup is very popular in Germany, and many couples travel from all over the world to drink from the cup. This is where the idea of toasting came from- and the word “toast” in many countries is derived from the German language.

If you and your bride or groom are looking for good luck, it is a good idea to get the opportunity to drink from the bridal cup. Many bridal cups are available for sale, which are also all believed to give luck to those who drink from both ends without spilling a drop of water.

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