Our List of a Few Must-Haves at Your Wedding


Today, we decided to pool together a short list of what we thought were the must-have things you should have at your wedding. Here they are!A comfy, love seat sofa to make things more cozy and intimate for the newlyweds.Oh, and don’t forget the “cool” kids table. Having a kid-sized table off to the side, laden with Crayons, games and other activities keeps the little ones entertained and less underfoot. Plan to pay one or two people to “oversee” the table. Or you can seat the parents near enough for them to keep an eye on them.Glow sticks are always fun, for kids and adults alike, and always bring back a myriad of memories. The signage by these glow sticks in Mason jars is adorable.For all those leftovers at the dessert bar you don’t want to throw away or take home. Great little additional wedding favor for your guests. But, be sure your master of ceremonies makes your guests aware of that opportunity to take home goodies.

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