Party Favors Ideas


A bride and groom want their guests to remember their wedding. Their wedding party favors can encourage that remembrance. Those favors can reflect the interests, background or future plans of the bride and groom. Developing creative and unique party favor ideas can help give the wedding that extra zest it needs.

Party Favors Ideas
Party Favors Ideas

Take as an example the couple that chose to give fish-shaped pens to their wedding guests. Why would a bride and groom decide to use fish-shaped pens or decorations as potential party favor ideas? Well for that couple those were the perfect favor item. The groom loved to fish, and the bride was a marine-biologist.

Unique party favors can be quite expensive. Even gifts that could eventually become kitchen items can be rather pricey. An ice cream scoop that has been designed to work as a wedding party favor costs far more than the standard ice cream scoop. If a bride and groom are on a limited budget, they might want to use homemade wedding favors.

A homemade favor does not necessarily have to be an item created from scratch. Even a bride and groom who do not feel comfortable being “crafty” can create homemade wedding party favor ideas. It might, however, require the investment of a fair amount of time.

One future bride, for example, visited numerous gift and novelty stores She then purchased a suitable number of small watering cans, items about two inches high. She and her future husband liked to garden, and so they put lovely place cards in each watering can. The card holder thus became the party favor.

When a couple has a themed wedding, it becomes a bit less difficult to choose the wedding party favors. A couple often selects a favor that reflects their chosen theme. The makers of party favors are rapidly learning about the diverse number of theme ideas. One bride had a Japanese-themed wedding. She gave her guests silver-coated chopsticks. Cheap wedding favors can be developed from almost anything with a little creativity.

When a wedding takes place on a holiday, then that too can facilitate the selection of an appropriate party favor. If, for example, a couple is having a winter wedding, they might want to give each guest a Christmas tree ornament. By going online, one can find party favor ideas that fit with just about any holiday.

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