Patriotic Wedding Ideas And Themes


Weddings today are usually celebrated following specific wedding themes, and one of these wedding themes is to develop unique patriotic wedding ideas. With this type of theme you inspire patriotic feelings in the guests, and these ideas are usually chosen by couples involved with defense and those who are just patriotic at heart.

Patriotic Wedding
Patriotic Wedding Ideas

If you are having a patriotic wedding, it is important that you inform your guests of the theme before the wedding so that the guests will enjoy the wedding much better. Send them understated invitations that are embellished with embossed silver stars or perhaps a small American flag (of flag for your particular country). You could also use flags, stripes and fireworks in the invitation as part of your patriotic wedding ideas. Looking at your wedding, guests will come dressed to the wedding in patriotic dresses, to enhance the effect of the wedding.

It is always better to have a patriotic wedding in an outdoor area as it adds charm to your wedding arrangements. Have your bridesmaids dress in red dresses having blue and white flowers or perhaps have them wear patriotic shawls with stripes and stars. The groomsmen could wear dark blue tuxedos and ties having cumberbuns stars and stripes on them.

Incorporate patriotic wedding ideas in as much of your wedding arrangement as possible. You could think of creative centerpieces like floral arrangements of deep red roses that are tightly packed and punctuated by star shaped stephanotis, and studded with pearl pins. Bunting flags and bunting are great means of adding patriotism to your wedding ceremony. A few flags, with a white tulle for the surrounding adornment will add wonders to your wedding arrangements.

When you choose patriotic ideas for the wedding, you have to include lots of clear and crisp white with sophisticated silver in your wedding decorations. This means that your table linens could be white, with white chair covers having silver chair sashes. Your place card holders could be ordered to the shape of silver stars which help in guiding guests to their tables. In addition to this, have star studded votive candles with organza ribbons which not only add to the wedding decoration, but also act as your wedding favor.

The best flowers to be used for your patriotic wedding decorations would be either carnations, daisies, roses or orchids. Your menu could perhaps include chicken breasts, salmon, beef ribs, barbecued beans, barbecue with shrimp and corn on the cob. The best dessert would be strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream which act as the grand finale to your patriotic wedding ceremony.

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