Planning A Bridal Shower Tea Party


In the future Santa Monica could well provide the setting for a bridal shower tea party. It would undoubtedly be a Persian-style tea party. The courtyard at the Santa Monica Baha’i Center could serve as a wonderful setting for a tea party. Inside the Center one finds many containers for heating water. They could be used to provide shower guests with a steady supply of warm tea.

Anyone who has observed the people going into and leaving the Santa Monica Baha’i Center has realized that many young men and women cross the threshold of that Center. If such young people were to become romantically inclined, then one would expect a shower for brides at the Center. One L.A. County writer would enjoy being present at such a bridal shower tea party.

One L.A. County writer once took her son to the children’s classes sponsored by the Santa Monica Baha’is who built the new Baha’i Center. She would love to go to a shower for one or more of the former students in those classes. She remembers one Sunday when her son and a female student enjoyed ice cream cones. The writer would like to see that female cone-eater at a bridal shower tea party.

Such a tea party would undoubtedly include many Persian pastries. The Center is not far from Westwood Boulevard, the location of many Persian bakeries. Perhaps such a tea party could set a pattern, a pattern followed by yet another bridal shower tea party. Maybe wedding planners in Los Angeles would start to hear a great deal about the Santa Monica Baha’i Center.

Any bridal shower tea party at the Santa Monica Baha’i Center would most certainly include lots of fruit. The Persians, some of whom would undoubtedly help to hostess the shower, love fruit. It might also include halva and pound cake wrapped around whipped cream, two typical Persian sweets. All of those goodies would of course go well with the delicious Persian tea.

A bridal shower tea party at the Santa Monica Baha’i Center would not need to request that guests do not bring small children. If the shower were held in the spring, summer or early autumn, then the younger guests could run around in the Center’s courtyard.

Maybe one of those young guests would so enjoy the shower that she would think of the Center in the future. If she were to become a shower hostess, she might want to plan a shower at the same Center. Then there would be yet another Persian-style bridal shower tea party.

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