Planning Your Warm Weather Wedding


Just when you think summer is not going to arrive in the United Kingdom in time for your big day to be just perfect, there it is in all its warmth and glory. But, regardless whether or not you plan to have your summer wedding here in the UK or plan to get hitched abroad in more tropical climates, you need to be prepared for the actuality of warm weather nuptials. From choosing your couture wedding dresses to making sure the guests are taken care of, you have to think a little differently when you’re planning to tie the knot in the heat. Aside from choosing the appropriate couture wedding dresses you’ll need to consider venue facilities, the food and many other sundry aspects.

Warm Weather Wedding
Planning Your Warm Weather Wedding

Choosing the best gown

One of the most important aspects of a bride’s big day is choosing her wedding dress and there is nothing more personalised and unique than having couture wedding dresses made. But, when looking at getting married in the warmer weather, you need to make sure that the dress matches the occasion, at least to some degree. Though this may be for aesthetic reasons, it also has a lot to do with the bride’s comfort levels. For instance, a heavy, sleeved and beaded dress with a train may look stunning, but it wouldn’t be very practical for a beach wedding in the Maldives! So consider the length, cut and material as you are making your selection.

Venue facilities

While you may not consider the ins and outs of choosing a venue while you are getting fitted for your couture wedding dresses, you do need to have a think about this before you make any final decisions. Though a wedding on the beach can be delightful, you must remember you are not the only person there (although it may seem that way!) and that those who are watching and sharing in your day will need to be looked after in regards to the heat. If you choose a hot place outdoors, be sure to provide some sort of marquee or building for guests to escape into. After all, a churchyard full of sunburnt guests is not the desired outcome!

Food and sundry items

Another niggly concern when it comes to warmer weather is the details of the food and sundry items. If you are planning a warm weather wedding and reception you’ll need to consider the type of refreshments you serve and be sure there the caterers serve plenty of water throughout. Also, when it comes to the wedding cake, you may have to be more conservative in design, as a heavy, multi-tiered cake might not hold up in the heat – and an ice cream cake would probably be out of the question!

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