Plantable Wedding Favors


Lets not beat around the bush. There are a lot of different wedding favors out there. Of course, it seems funny that a lot of people use the same ideas over and over again when there are some ideas that are never used. Well, one idea that does not get used as much as it should is plantable wedding favors. So just what are plantable favors, and how do they work? For the most part, plantable wedding favors are different cards that have handmade paper attached to it. Inside this handmade paper are living seeds. So then, after the party, the guests go home and plant this handmade paper (which is good for the ecosystem), and soon they will have flowers that bloom there. This is a great idea that a lot of people do not think of when coming up with inexpensive wedding favors.

Plantable Wedding Favors
Plantable Wedding Favors

The best thing about plantable favors is that it gives your guests something to do. Most wedding favors can not be used, they are just to look at. However, with these plantable wedding favors you not only get to use them, you get to plant them. On top of that, after the flowers are done growing, you will have an amazing set of flowers that grow together. The meaning behind the plantable wedding favors is a good one. Whenever two people get married, they are starting a life together. Whenever you plant these flowers, they grow together and, thus, are starting a life together as well. The different flowers you get out of these seed wedding favors are great. If you plant them in a pot together, you will be left with an amazing arrangement of flowers that looks like you got them from a store.

So how do you go about getting these wedding favors, and what do they look like when they come? When you order these kinds of wedding favors (or make them yourself), you are going to have a normal sheet of paper with something written on it. Usually the guests name and some instructions for the seeds, as well as a thank you for coming. On that card (usually in the middle), you will have a sheet of homemade paper. This homemade paper can be made into any shape you want. You can do a heart, a cake, or whatever you want! Inside the homemade paper you will find little seeds. The seeds are hard to see, but they are in there. Then you take the sheet of plantable paper and you put it in the ground. Then you water it like normal seeds. In just a short time you are going to be left with some amazing flowers. These keepsakes do not just work for weddings; they serve very well as unique party favors.

This is one of the few wedding gifts that just keeps on giving. When you give someone plantable wedding favors, whenever they see the flowers that have grown from it, they are going to remember your wedding. It is always a good idea to offer a cool and amazing wedding favor at your wedding. After all, these people took time out of their day to come see you get married. You should give them something in return.

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