Poppy Wedding Invitations


Have you ever seen a wheat field intermingled with poppy flowers? Have you ever held a red poppy flower in your hand and marveled at its delicate velvet red petals? Imagine that magic captured with poppy wedding invitations. It would be the best romantic symbol ever.

The wedding is that magic event in a woman’s life where everything needs to be just perfect. Of course, it would very much if that perfection is affordable. However, many times the weddings can cost a small fortune. Smart people plan in advance and save money where it can be saved. One aspect where you could save considerably is the paper of the wedding invitations.

Poppy Wedding Invitations
Poppy Wedding Invitations Image

Beautiful Does Not Always Mean Expensive

There are many examples of unique modern wedding invitations that can be made at home thus cutting the price to almost a fourth of the actual cost. Poppy wedding invitations are a good example. What you would need:

  1. White Ivory paper or cream color paper cut to the size you want it
  2. Poppy flower designs (you could use the computer for it, or download it from the Net)
  3. Red color – you could use oil colors for a richer effect
  4. Calligraphic pen and black color ink
  5. A lot of time

Make Your Own Poppy Wedding Invitations

Now that you have the materials you would need to first print the outline of the poppy flowers on the cards (paper you have bought). The outline could be done with black ink or red. Fill in the poppy flowers with red color and let dry. Use the colors to fill in deep red inside the outlines and let dry well. When you find that it dried completely, you have tow choices:

  • print the matter of the invitations with the help of a professional printer
  • write by hand (calligraphy) the details by hand

Both would look great – however, when you write by hand the card gathers a very intimate and personal feel. Of course, you would need to be able to write calligraphy for best effect of have someone who does.

It is a mater of fact that making such poppy wedding invitations takes time and effort; but imagine the effect on the person whom it is sent to. Homemade wedding invitations always convey an extra level of intimacy with friends and guests. The beauty of the card is simply captivating and the personalization (by handwriting it) can be extremely touching.

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