Princess And Cinderella Theme Weddings


Although fantasy by nature, yet the princess and the Cinderella theme wedding is perhaps the most romantic theme for celebrating the wedding, which is preferred by most of the modern brides all over the world. Such fairy tale concepts involving the princess and the Cinderella themes are also among the most talked about themes in the world of the kids for the purpose of celebrating the birthday parties. But when it all comes to celebration of the marriage ceremony, it has to be given some serious considerations. It is as important to select the perfect invitation theme as it is for the selecting the theme for celebration. It is always significant to consider the style and theme of invitation that coordinates the original theme of celebration.

Princess And Cinderella Theme Weddings
Princess And Cinderella Theme Weddings

The wordings and selection of style in case of princess and Cinderella invitation may be as per the choice of your own. But you should be extra cautious while using the perfect tone of slogan and words for invitation – especially in case of such typical wedding themes. Selection of the wedding invitation cards should also be traditional and sprinkling some magical palace powder in the form of sparklers will add weight to your taste. Remember that invitation is the first step to give a clear-cut view of your theme. While writing the address do not forget that you have planned for a princess and Cinderella theme wedding. Address every single envelop to “Princess or Sir” (first name) of the (last name). Also add “dom” or “ingham” at the end of the last names. For instance in case of Reva Rankin the invitation may be addressed to “Princess Reva of Rankindom”

Greeting is another pivotal part of the story. Each special guest has to be considered as a special princess and must be greeted in a special way with the princess ball wedding tiara and any other Cinderella themed items.

Making wishes is another interesting episode especially when it comes to the Cinderella theme of wedding. Instead of uttering the wedding toasts, let each of your special guests make their own respective wishes and toss a coin to a fountain. The guests may also be allowed to write their wishes in a book prior to tossing the their coins. This book will eventually turn to be the best-treasured wealth of your life.

Decorating the venue with ribbons and roses and balloons may prove to be a great fun altogether. It is a nice gesture to prefer the colors such as ivory, pink, mauve, and white. The venue should be either the cathedral or the ballroom.

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