Puppy And Dog Themed Weddings


With the tolling of the bell and the advent of a new age everything including the style and fashion got changed a lot. The canine comrades, who have always played some significant role in our life, have made their way in the most special occasions such as wedding ceremonies. As far as the puppy and dog themed weddings are concerned, the style was actually started in Colorado and California and has been adopted by the great section of the East. At the moment more and more people all over the world are getting inclined to the new unique trend of giving the noble responsibility of a trusty ring bearer to the most beloved members of the families – the dogs.

Puppy And Dog Themed Weddings
Puppy And Dog Themed Weddings

May be the couple had once met at shows such as “The Dobermann Gangue” or at “Lassie is Missing” or may be at “101 Dalmatians” or may also be at the park while walking with their dogs in a misty morning. With the believe that their love for the dogs had let them unite together and lead to start up a new journey, they involve their beloved canine companions in their wedding as one of the most special characters. With the rise of the culture of puppy and dog themed weddings, the dogs today are more than simply the trotting partners carrying the rings. A smart showy cool tempered majestic German Shepherd Dog or a calm gorgeous Saint Barnard or a lovely little Chihuahua seems to add to the glorious galore of the special occasions. However, it is actually the heart-felt adorations for the canine companions that the dogs are desperately stepping out in the vital occasions like wedding ceremonies.

The ideas of decorations and selection of the decors are perhaps another most vital aspect when it actually comes to the puppy and the dog themed weddings. Starting form the inexpensive small doghouse decors to the catchy centerpieces to the dog cookie bouquets, you have to be too choosy when it comes to selection. Choosing the wrong items for the reception decorations and wedding favors will fail to coordinate with the central theme of the celebration of your wedding. This will in turn throw everything into trash, thereby spoiling the overall tone of celebration.

Attendants are again another significant aspect that has to be given special emphasize – especially when it comes to the theme wedding. For the puppy and dog themed weddings the idea may be entirely different and catchy. Instead of a cute little bride acting as the flower girl, it is a great idea opting for a “whole dog”. Dress a lovely canine couple as per your own choice to coordinate the wedding style.

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