Purchasing A Diamond Engagement Ring


Engagement is a formality that is done before marriage between a man and a woman to indicate their mutual agreement in marrying each other. In few countries, only woman wears the ring given by the man on her left ring finger. However, in few other countries, both man and woman wear rings given by each other. In either event it is important for the man to know how to buy a diamond engagement ring should he choose to adorn the future bride with such a gift. It is believed, generally that a man spends two to three month’s salary on the engagement ring.

Diamond Engagement Ring
Purchasing A Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement ring is mostly given in plain gold, silver, titanium, platinum, or any other precious metals embedded with diamond, or gem or color stones. Also, the size and weight of the ring depends on one’s taste and budget. This is why knowing how to buy a diamond engagement ring is so very important. Diamond, known to be the hardest material indicates strength and luster, and can be obtained in nature. The concept of diamond engagement wedding rings started with the thought that the relationships should be as strong, tough, and natural as diamonds. Mostly, diamonds are colorless, however, they are available in colors like blue, yellow, orange, red, green, pink, brown and so on.

The price and value of a diamond depends on four Cs: carat, clarity, color and cut. Diamond’s weight is measured in terms of carat. 200 milligrams make a carat. The more the weight is, more is the value. Clarity is measured in relation to the infernal defects called inclusions. Only those with low inclusions are used in the jewels. The more colorless the diamond is, more natural it is. However, the higher color grade diamonds that are more rare, are expensive. Cut indicates the angles in which the diamond is cut and also the quality of workmanship. There are many types of popular fancy cuts: baguette, marquise, princess, hearts, briolette, and pear cuts. Then, the important aspect is quality of the cut of a diamond. The quality depends on the ability to reflect and refract light.

Diamonds are mostly embedded in any precious metals, however, for an unforgettable occasion like engagement, or wedding, precious metals like gold or platinum is used to enhance the cost of the ring and also to show one’s love for their fiancé. One can purchase or custom-order the diamond ring for the occasion from either a jewelry shop or from a web site. There are many web sites that provide product and service for competitive prices. However, there are many fake web sites with this business, and therefore, one should be careful while buying diamond engagement rings or precious jewelry from web sites.

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