Q&A: Wedding Gown Designer Kenneth Pool Reveals 2018 Trends

Designer Kenneth Pool Reveals 2018 Trends
Photo by F8 Photography
Kenneth Pool
Kenneth Pool

Wedding gown designer Kenneth Pool made a special appearance for the Victor Harper Fashion Show at Stardust Celebrations. We were able to snag this Q&A behind-the-scenes interview with him to hear the inspiration behind his designs, what brides are loving and what we have to look forward to this season in trends.The weddingdecorconcepts.com: How would you sum up the essence of what the Kenneth Pool Spring 2018 collection embodies?

Kenneth Pool: It’s all about glamour.

weddingdecorconcepts.com: Like “Hollywood” glamour?

Photo by F8 Photography

Kenneth Pool: It is a little like Hollywood, but not tacky Hollywood. It’s kind of old money glamour. The girls that buy from me really want to be on the red carpet when she gets married. It’s like her red carpet Oscar moment. She really wants to feel like a princess. They love embroidery, beadwork – and they really want to be over the top; they’re not shrinking violets at all.

weddingdecorconcepts.com: What elements inspired this season’s bridal collection?

Kenneth Pool: I’ve been doing this for so long that my client really is my inspiration, and I think that’s what makes you successful because if you stray from that, and if you do things just for fun or fantasy, you’re not going to sell them. Travelling and coming to stores like this is very important because you learn from the girls you’re working with; what they want; what doesn’t work on a tall thin, girl vs. what a shorter, heavier girl needs and wants. So it’s a great learning process. If you don’t listen to your client I don’t think you can be successful.

weddingdecorconcepts.com: Is there a “type” of gown you are most drawn to (i.e. romantic, avant garde, modern, etc.)?

Kenneth Pool: I don’t do romance. It’s too…I don’t do girly girl. I’d say my style is more of a sexy traditional. I like really low necklines and I like a lot of cleavage; love a lot of bust – can’t help that.

weddingdecorconcepts.com: What are your thoughts on the popular portrait back gowns?

Kenneth Pool: I love interesting backs. For me, the back of the dress is just as important as the front of the dress. You have to have something going on in the back. It’s all the little details that make my products different.

weddingdecorconcepts.com: What material did you pull into your gown designs the most this season?

Kenneth Pool: We sell mostly satin. My brides really want satin. Oh, and I don’t sell white at all. Very rarely do I get a girl who comes in requesting white-white because it doesn’t work on people.

weddingdecorconcepts.com: What is one thing you’ve seen brides wanting more of in your gown designs this season?

Kenneth Pool: They want sex. I think it’s due to all the things on TV with those Kardashian girls and Housewives of Beverly Hills. They’re always wearing stuff where they’re falling out of it and it’s so tight. Everybody seems to want sex. I have to tell you, they want tight, tight, tight, tight, tight – and we’re selling fit-n-flare like crazy. The fit-n-flare gowns really accentuate the natural curves on a woman’s body, with the material dramatically flaring out at the bottom of the gown. My second best selling silhouette is the ball gown because not many people do ball gowns. If they do, they look like a battleship and that’s not my look. I don’t sell A-lines very well, as I’ve come to learn in the last five years.

weddingdecorconcepts.com: When it comes to necklines what has been the most popular this season?

Kenneth Pool: Strapless. I’ve tried sleeves. I’ve tried three quartered sleeves. I’ve tried cap. They just don’t want it. If the store buys it, we’ll get a call where they say they have a bride that wants to remove the sleeve. Strapless sells for me like crazy.

weddingdecorconcepts.com: Looking ahead to Fall 2018, any hints as to what surprises to expect in material, style and color?

My gowns will feature lace from France with cellophane ribbon on it, and it takes 4-5 months to make it. I’m also doing ombre satin – it’s being woven for me.

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