Rock Slide Bride Plans Wedding In 24 Hours


The mettle of a Canadian bride in Whistler, British Columbia was torture-tested when an overnight rockslide cancelled the bride’s original wedding plans. Tracy Mercier awoke on July 30 to discover that an overnight rockslide on the Sea-to-Sky highway had closed off the main route to her wedding site in Whistler. Her wedding, an elaborate three-day affair for 80 people, was scheduled to happen Sunday, August 3.

That would have broken most brides, but Tracy Mercier sprang into action and within 24 hours had completely rearranged her wedding. The couple were able to locate a hotel that could accommodate the wedding and reception, and also supply rooms for the out-of-town guests already en route. She was also able to re-route the flowers for the wedding and located a minister at the last minute to perform the ceremony. Mercier’s original plans also included rounds of golf and a barbecue reception, but all of that fell by the wayside when 16,000 pounds of granite closed the highway.

Mercier was able to get partial refunds from the golf course and the baker who was putting together the wedding cake, but is still waiting to hear from the condo owners whose accommodations she had reserved for her guests. She’s not hopeful that she’ll be able to recover the deposits on those. The rockslide caused heavy losses to the tourist industry in Whistler, in what was supposed to have been one of the biggest weekends of the summer travel season.

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