Romantic Maui Wedding Theme


Why on earth should one choose to marry in Maui? The answer is simple. It is romantic, it is exciting and its beauty is just breathtaking. Won’t you like to make your wedding an unforgettable occasion in the backdrop of beautiful sunsets, lovely beaches, and lush tropical gardens? Maui weddings offer that and much more. Any couple, who can afford, certainly would. And their numbers are expected to be considerable with the costs of destination weddings falling steadily. In fact, Maui weddings are much more affordable these days than what you might have imagined.

Maui Wedding
Photo: Marriott Hawaii

Once you decide to have your wedding in no other location but Maui, you should first look for a Maui travel package. It will come as a pleasant surprise for you when you discover that the cost of travel and hotel accommodations for Maui weddings it is well within your reach. Instead of buying separately, if you book your airfare and hotel stay together in a package deal, you stand to save some money. If you make your booking well in advance, you are likely to get the most attractive rates and a much better price during the off season.

Attractive packages

Now is the time to make plans for the actual wedding in Maui. As the rush to wed in Maui is growing by the day, a number of companies that specialize in planning Maui weddings have opened their shops in the island. Many of them will offer you an opportunity of holding your wedding ceremony in several magnificent sites in Maui. You can get the details about the wedding packages they provide on their web sites. Such packages usually include the wedding cake, photography, a minister to perform the ceremony, and other wedding related details. Some wedding planners will even obtain the marriage license for you.

The cost of Maui wedding packages will of course depend on the status of the company and the items you want to include. If you want just the basics, you may have to pay about three hundred dollars. But if you opt for the most exquisite items, be prepared to cough out nearly three thousand dollars. Interestingly, there are Maui wedding ceremonies suitable for everyone, no matter which religion one belongs to. The settings can also be as beautiful as you can think of. You can marry in a garden, underneath a waterfall called the Wall of Tears, or take a copter ride with your guests to the top of a volcano to take your vows.

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