Rose Gold Wedding Bands


Do you remember the story about King Midas? Do you remember what would happen after the unlucky King touched a rose? That touch did not create rose gold. The rose gold found in rose gold wedding bands is an alloy, a mix of different metals and is a contemporary style often used in both wedding and engagement rings.

The creation of an alloy requires application of heat and pressure. Creation of an alloy does not change the chemical nature of the metals in the alloy. Each metal retains its natural color. The combination of colors in the alloy gives the metal mix its distinctive color.

Rose Gold Wedding Bands
Rose Gold Wedding Bands

During the manufacture of rose gold wedding bands, a well-chosen percentage of three different metals become mixed together. The manufacturer heats and puts under pressure selected quantities of gold, silver and copper. Yellow gold also contains gold, silver and copper, but the percentage of each metal differs from the percentage of each in rose gold wedding rings.

Suppose, for instance, that a couple purchases 18 karat rose gold wedding bands. The gold in that band contains 8% more copper than is found in 18 karat yellow gold. The gold in that rose gold band contains 8% less silver than is found in 18 karat yellow gold.

Some manufacturers of rose gold wedding bands use the Dyna pressure process when they make their three-metal alloy. A plant that employs the Dyna pressure process has special dyna pressure switches. The three wires and micro switch on the dyna pressure switch allow for control of multiple functions.

Plants that have a dyna pressure switch can easily control fuel input, waste gates and ignition retard. By controlling those three factors, the plant can insure production of quality rose gold. The plant will put out a metal with the antique pink color found in rose gold wedding bands.

When well-polished, rose gold becomes like the surface of a mirror. Used in a ring, the rose gold can reflect light from any angle. The wearer of a rose gold wedding band can send light shooting in all sorts of directions. In that way, the wearer of a rose gold wedding band can hope to impress people in many different locations.

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