Runaway Bride Plans More Conventional Wedding Entrance


Sophie Clarke, the Bretforton, Worcestershire bride whose wedding plans were dashed last month when the horse drawing her church-bound carriage dashed off after being spooked in traffic, has organised new plans that involve a more conventional mode of transportation: a good old fashioned limousine.

Clarke and her father were left alone and helpless in the runaway rig after the coachman and his assistant were both jettisoned when the horse bolted. The horse took the pair on a dangerous ride that included railroad tracks and collisions with passing motorcars. At one point, Clarke’s father pulled his daughter back into the cart after she was nearly thrown out. It was then that the elder Clarke made the decision to throw his daughter and himself out of the cart as the horse approached a sharp curve in the road.

The not-to-be bride suffered a concussion, cuts, bruises and a black eye. Her father was similarly injured. Both have recovered from the wild ride, and Clarke has reset a January wedding date. She says that the incident has made her realise just what’s most important in life and adds that despite giving up a wedding that was two years in the planning, she feels lucky to be alive.

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