Seasonal Theme Weddings


A way to have an unforgettable wedding is to make it a theme wedding. Deciding to have a theme wedding is easy however planning it is the toughest part. There are lots of themes available. You can choose whatever theme you want as long as both partners would agree. However, you should also consider your budget and the availability of the persons who would make that theme possible.

There are seasonal theme weddings. This means that the themes or the colors to be used in the wedding will depend upon the season. Every season has its own theme. Usually people choose to marry during late winter and early spring.

During the spring season, the nature is at its best. Flowers bloom with different colors. Spring accompanies that romantic feeling and that is why it is the perfect time for weddings.

Pastel colors are perfect for bridesmaids since this is the color of the spring. Matching the different pastel colors would definitely create that perfect look. Fresh flowers like tulips for decorations and as well as scented candles would truly create a perfect garden wedding atmosphere. You could also add up some Easter egg hunting for the kids and a dancing for the adults.

Summer is also a wonderful wedding time. June, July and August are the months when people usually schedule their wedding. They want summer because they want to take advantage of the warm weather. The colors used for summer are more radiant than the pastel colors of spring. The colors for summer are bright orange, hot pink, yellow and lime green. The theme is more on the tropical atmosphere that is why the colors are like this. You could also give your bridesmaid different kinds of bouquets to carry rather than the usual bouquet. Get a band to play for your wedding. It would surely make things more alive.

Autumn is a very challenging season because there is not much that autumn could offer as compared to the first two seasons. During autumn, flowers are not abundant so you should stick to the dried grass and berries for decorations. The colors for autumns are red, copper, gold, rust and browns. Make sure there is romantic background music. Keep the menu as simple as possible.

Some consider winter boring for weddings while some think that it is a great season for weddings. Winter is the time where the usual family gatherings happen. The festivity during winter makes it more special. The colors for winter are silver, white and blue. You can accessorize your bridesmaids as well as the flower girls with silver colors .You could experiment by making them like fairies, and they would surely love it.

To create the winter ambiance in your wedding, you could put some white chocolates on the tables, which can be decorated with some feathers.

No matter what season you prefer, the key to having a successful theme wedding is through the creativity and resourcefulness of the designers and yourself as well.

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