Second Weddings


Until the very recent time the ideology of myth of second weddings was not formal and elaborated as is done during the present era. But today on an average almost above one fourth of the overall wedding has been the encore — the second marriage. The most significant and the pivotal aspect that is must to be maintained by every one intending to get married for the second time is regarding the former marriage. It is of immense significance to put off the wedding ring of the former marriage as soon as you decide to go in for the marriage for second time. All the tokens of togetherness and love related to the former wedding must be wiped off immediately you start to think about the second marriage.

Announcement For Second Wedding and Small Formal Party

Although there exists no hard and fast regulation in regard to the party for the second wedding, yet normally there is a sequence of steps that are followed hereby. The first step is the announcement. You are expected to announce your planning of the second wedding in the newspaper or by email or over the phone and necessarily at an engagement party. The party, although thrown by you and your mate, is not expected to be hosted by you two – rather by your friends and/or your family members. Typically, the second wedding convention says that both of you do not wish to receive the gifts from your guests. The party should be one of the sort of a small formal category, which is meant solely for the announcement of your second marriage. The announcement for the second wedding should be in the same way as had been done in case of the formal one.

Children should be included

Another very significant part of the story is the children of the former partner. It is important to include them in the party. But it is far more important to ask them if really they want to be included in the party at all. If in any case they are loath to share your special moment on the special day with you, then you have got no right to compel them to be present in the party. As a matter of fact, it is quite significant to get your children informed whenever you are planning to get married for the second time. After all they are the part of your family and have got their own say.

Second Wedding – Announcement And Invitation

Although this is another most vital section in case of all the sorts of occasions and invitations, yet for the second marriage the concept is certainly very much different. In such cases the parents generally host the wedding party and hence are expected to inviting the desired guests on behalf of their wards. The wordings must be very simple and formal, with a request for honor of the presence of the desired persons. The name of the couple should be presented along with the reception time and venue.

Subtle artistic themes may be synchronized with the high degree of formalness.

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