Seed Packet Wedding Favors – A Lasting Living Gift


The floral theme is one of the most popular for summer wedding themes. This is because seasonal flowers make the theme literally come alive and it is easy to coordinate while it does not cost an arm and a leg to work out. For this theme the best suited gifts would be the seed packet wedding favors.

Seed Packet Wedding Favors
Seed Packet Wedding Favors – A Lasting Living Gift

Creativity At Its Best

Seed packet wedding favors can be an exceptionally thoughtful way to thank you guests for attending your wedding ceremony and sharing the most beautiful day of your life. Check out some of the ways you could use these unique favors creatively:

  1. A handful of joy – you could choose carefully seeds of flowers that would flower in the same season as your wedding or immediately after it. You could select wedding flowers according to a certain fragrance, color or type. Remember to include a small guide which can tell the recipient what to do with the seeds and what he/she should expect from it.
  2. Colorful glass vase – you could use the live seeds to make extremely beautiful glass vase decorations. Take a handful of the seeds and alternate these with colorful cotton in a totally transparent glass vase. Seal the top with a cellophane paper to make very exquisite seed packet wedding favors. You could have a tiny label printed and stuck to the bottom of the vase indicating your names and wedding date.
  3. Multipurpose box with seeds – you could choose some extraordinary seeds and put them neatly labeled in a multi-purpose (multi-compartmental) box. Include a guide regarding how and when they should be planted. The recipient would remember you and your wedding every time he/she would watch the flowers/ plants that your seeds have created. Plantable wedding favors are very popular and are an eco-friendly keepsake for guests and family.
  4. A mini-garden with a difference – you could have some aquatic plants seeds and a guide on how to create an aquatic garden in a tiny aquarium. These types of seed packet wedding favors would thrill people who love new things and you would not be surprised if the recipients would be stuck with a new hobby after this.
  5. Bird-seeds – there is another way to say thanks. Gift your guests a tiny bag of bird seeds and advice them to visit the birds and feed them. Many have found this a very therapeutic and relaxing occupation. This too, could be the beginning of a life-time routine and they would have your seed packet wedding favors and wedding date to commemorate it.
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