Selecting a Flower Girl


Selecting your flower girl may be a very difficult choice. Especially if you have several little girls in your family. Ultimately, your choice for a flower girl should largely depend on several different things. Use the following guide to help you choose which little girl will be most suitable for your wedding.

Flower Girl
Selecting a Flower Girl

Age of the Flower Girl

Ideally your flower girl should be between three and nine years of age. This really depends on the level of maturity. If, for instance, you are considering having a three year old child be your flower girl, is she capable? Can she walk unassisted, use the toilet, pay attention to directions, and act comfortably in front of people? Sometimes small children become very nervous in front of large amounts of people. They may want their mother to rescue them, and they’ll let the world know!

Walking Down the Aisle

If your flower girl is a small child, she may need your Maid Of Honor to hold her hand while she walks down the aisle. Of course she’ll be able to walk on her own, but assistance may be necessary. Instead of walking to this person or that person, once assisted, the flower girl will surely walk to the destination of the alter.

Tossing Flower Petals

Will the child be able to follow directions and toss the flower petals as she’s been instructed? Sometimes younger children become confused with directions when they feel overwhelmed. Whereas an older child may not enjoy the responsibility as much…a younger child will need practice and direction.

Practice Makes Perfect

It’s important to make sure that both your flower girl and ring bearer are present at the wedding rehearsal. This will prepare them for the real events which are about to take place. Get them excited about being a part of your wedding. Inform them how pretty/handsome they will look in their wedding attire. They may not understand the rehearsal. You should refer to it as ‘practice.’ You should let them know when to expect ‘the real thing.’ If they are young, they should still understand that. Tell them that there will be a lot of people there too when it’s ‘the real thing.’ There’s less of a chance that they’ll show fear and confusion.

Pretty as Picture

Make sure that your wedding photographer takes plenty of photographs of your little flower girl. It may very well be the first time she’s been dressed up so elegantly. She’ll look like a little porcelain doll. Kids grow up so fast, these are the times to treasure.

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