Selecting Thank You Notes


It is beyond all controversy that the wedding invitation gives the first impression of the your wedding style and your personality. It is perhaps the best way to express how important your guest is for you on the very special day. In the same way it is again quite significant for you to select the right words for thank you notes.

However, the selection of the invitation depends on several factors – the worth mentioning of which are the theme of celebration, budget and most importantly the fashion in vogue. The modern fashion leaves you with thousands of awe-inspiring styles for both the wedding invitations and wording for thank you notes to choose from. You can decide to select a traditional style, which is usually formal, or purely an informal casual style or may be a very modern personalized invitation style as well. Whatever the style may be it should always complement the thematic concept of the celebration of your love.

Samples Of Thank You Note Wordings

The traditional wedding invitation and thank you notes are usually very formal and are engraved with the black ink on the cream-white or faint yellow or light brown paper. The fonts selected are also very formal such as the Times Roman or Garamond or Georgia and etc. The wordings tend to be quite simple and written in third person and invitations are addressed by the parents of the bride to the guests. An instance of the formal or traditional wedding invitation goes here:

Mr. and Mrs. Rankin request the honor of your gracious presence at the auspicious occasion of the wedding of their daughter JELLA to JOHN
on Thursday, the twenty-first of December, two thousand and six
at two o’clock in the afternoon
Saint John’s Catholic Church
Edina, Minnesota

These is typically old-fashioned style that is still in existence but seldom found during the modern days. The modern style is somewhat different and dose not demand the traditional way of invitation. Here is wording for an invitation of the non-traditional wedding invitations:

Please Join JELLA and JOHN As we are going to start a new journey By getting married on Thursday, the twenty-first of December, two thousand and six at two o’clock in the afternoon
Saint John’s Catholic Church
Edina, Minnesota

When it comes to the words for thank you cards, sending it as quickly as possible is the rituals of etiquette. It is again one of the most pivotal things to the remembered that the wedding thank you notes has to be sent on the formal stationary. This is what the rule of thumb says. A sample of the wedding thank you note goes right here:

Dear Selva and Sam,
Jella and I wanted to thank you greatly for the check that you sent as a wedding gift. To share a secret with you we are planning to buy a pure gold wristwatch set and your gift has helped us to come closer to our goal. We just can’t wait to show you the love watch. Thanks a million.

Best wishes

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