Shopping for Vintage Wedding Gowns


I hear more about vintage nearly every day. Because bridal fashion is a part of fashion overall, you’ll find a lot of repeated styles and trends. Now, every bride doesn’t want to (or can’t) wear her mother’s or grandmother’s gown. Maybe the size difference is too great; maybe the style doesn’t suit you.

If you still would love to wear a vintage wedding gown, you have other options besides Mom’s armoire.

There are plenty of online shops where you can buy a vintage gown, but this is one of those purchases that’s best made in person. You need to be able to closely inspect the entire dress for rips, stains, any kind of damage. Gowns need to be preserved so carefully and if it wasn’t done right decades ago, the dress may be useless today.

Shopping for Vintage Wedding Gowns

Look into antique, consignment and vintage shops in your area if this is for you. Look over every inch of the gown before you buy and try to get one that fits you as closely as possible. Alterations may be needed; keep in mind that women’s sizes have changed over the years. What was a medium in 1958 is probably a small today.

If you see a dress you love, you may have to snap it up right away because true vintage styles will be in short supply. Otherwise, you can always get a reproduction of a gown you love if you can’t get your hands on an authentic dress from an earlier era.

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