Should A Deceased Parent’s Name Be Included On The Wedding Invitation


When it comes to traditional invitation wording, the names of the parents of the bride and groom are included on the invitation, especially if they are paying for part or all of the wedding. For some brides, a question arises when a parent of the engaged couple is deceased. Should the name of a deceased parent be included on a wedding invitation.

There are many ways to honour a deceased parent at a wedding, but including his or her name on the wedding invitation isn’t one of them. By all means, acknowledge the deceased parent in some way at the wedding or reception. Light a candle in honour of the person, read a poem or play his or her favorite song, or a song that honours his or her memory.

It is also proper to include the name of the deceased parent in engagement or wedding announcements that may be printed in the newspaper. Wedding invitations, however, are issued to living people by living people, so it is best to find a different way to honour the deceased at a wedding.

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