Simple Elegance


I keep seeing amazing photos of weddings on our vendors blogs, so thought I might throw a few of my favorites together for a little fun!

This gown is absolutely gorgeous and can go so many different directions. I love it because it has an understated elegance that fits a highly sophisticated theatre wedding or the perfect gown for a simple garden wedding.

Wrought iron is always timeless and beautiful. Add a glittering crystal chandelier and you have outdone yourself! Embellish the Moment’s has this gazebo and chandelier available to you, but you reserve it promptly {this is the only one in the Valley!}

The beautiful florals are by Andi Saxton. She is talented in so many areas {you should see her house} and has the perfect touch when it comes to details. I put both pictures in because the gown and crystals can lend themselves to a more formal and traditional wedding, as shown in the rose centerpieces; or, if you prefer a more relaxed, european garden feel, it also works well. Being able to reflect your style in your centerpieces is something Andi does well.

Jerrick’s Fine Jewelry has some rings that really are “to die for!” I, myself, have been in and made a pretty decent wish list. Whenever I visit his website, my list gets longer. The vintage styles that are so popular right now are stunning. This is one of my favorites.

The headband of flowers, well, that is just a little favorite photo I found years ago on Etsy. Don’t you think it’s the perfect fit for that breathy gown?

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