Spending Decisions And Wedding Planning


Spending and saving on wedding expenses has always been at the center of every bride’s wedding plan. With the average cost of a wedding approaching AUD$40,000, and with similar expenditures found around the world, some brides are taking a different approach to their Big Day.

But where should brides apply cost-cutting measures to achieve the greatest savings without changing their wedding dreams? Experts always advise that the guest list is the place where brides will make the biggest impact on the bottom line. In the past, parents paid for the wedding, and often had more say in who attended the wedding. Today, most couples pay all or most of their wedding expenses themselves, so the guest list is a major consideration. Paring back the guest list will produce the best savings. Reducing the guest list not only reduces the food and alcohol costs, the savings will ripple through the rest of the wedding expenses.

Spending Decisions And Wedding Planning

Brides can also see substantial savings on invitations and favours by shopping online for the best deals. Some brides will opt for do-it-yourself invitations. Kardella has a wide variety of do-it-yourself wedding invitation kits that can save money. Brides are cautioned against issuing electronic invitations to their weddings. That approach still doesn’t carry much weight with the guests. Instead, use wedding Web sites to post important information like directions, hotel accommodations and last minute details. This can cut down on the number of inserts that accompany wedding invitations, and save on postage as well.

Brides are increasingly turning to alternate sources for wedding dresses, too. eBay has a trove of wedding dresses that are brand-new or slightly used. Many brides are also selecting off-the-rack dresses not specifically designed for weddings to realise big savings. In addition, brides are putting their sentiments aside and selling their dresses after the wedding to recover some of the cost of the dress.

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