Spring Wedding Decorations And Theming


What better season than spring to exchange your wedding vows? It is a time of rebirth and renewal – a perfect time for new beginnings and new lives. A spring wedding offers several different wedding theming to help you plan your wedding decorations, invitations and all other small details that will make the day one of the most cherished days of your lives. If you have decided on a spring wedding, think about your favorite parts of the season. If you want to have a wedding early in the season, offer them the floral abundance and warmth when your guests come in from the cold. In case it happens to be the emerging sunshine, go for bright colors and May weather.

If you’re wedding in a church, use their Easter decorations and save some money. Vendors and sites are more easily available in the spring than in the summer, but get ready to book limousines and tuxedos a bit earlier for prom. Your wedding dress should also match the season. Today’s brides are increasingly opting for a hint of color in their wedding dresses – these look perfect at a spring wedding. Count for the dodgy weather in choosing your dress.

As far as decoration in a spring wedding is concerned, the mix of preppy pink and green colors is perhaps a beautiful option. You can accent your tables with polka-dot or gingham fabrics and ribbons, and use alternating pink and green chair colors. If you want an even more elegant look, it is better to mix celadon green with white, using silver as an accent color. If your wedding ceremony is taking place outdoor in the presence of a considerable number of children, a may pole may do double duty as entertainment and elegant decoration. You can also request your guests to throw rose petals instead of rice or release butterflies. You can decorate the wedding tent or pavilion as you would any other room, by even arranging a portable generator for lighting and heating systems, and creating space so that you can set up an entire wedding event including a dance floor inside.

For a spring garden wedding theme, personalized packets of wildflower seeds that your guests can plant at home can create a ‘wedding garden’ that will remind them of you every time it blooms in the spring. Other favors suitable for a garden theme include terracotta pots with garden seeds, hand painted votive candle holders with wildflowers and other springtime motifs. You can also opt for a spring sunset wedding theme, either outdoors or at an indoor location with a view of the western sky. For a spring harbor cruise wedding theme, a wedding on the water can be a fascinating welcome to the new season and a new life. You can reserve the events room on a boat and treat your guests to an evening on the water, complete with excellent food, dancing and all the traditional wedding festivities.

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